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   Healing Communities 

This Website, is  developed for an interfaith audience in secular language, illuminates the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Healing Communities model, which seeks to engage congregations and community in restoration and healing people in their own congregations affected by crime, incarceration and reintegration by transforming hearts and minds, creating a sense of welcome inclusion, reducing stigma and shame, and building networks of support that start in houses of worship and expand to transform the community at large.

True Service Inc.  Mission is to foster collaboration networks that is reaching out to those that are affected by; crime, incarnation, reintegration, rehabilitation, and family reunification. Thereby mobilizing millions of Healing Communities to action—to give, advocate, mentor, and volunteer to promote healing.

Are there any other products, specific resources, skills, interests, talents, abilities, or unique opportunities (example: permitted access
to specialized purchasing

/discounts for the church) that you would like to offer to the church?

When you give to True Service Inc. , your contribution helps foster both individual and collective success. Learn how you can help us strengthen your community, and many other communities around the world.